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Presentaties & workshops ICBF 2015

Plenaire presentaties

Prof. Dr. Kevin J. Krizek, Radboud University, Changing Transport Systems & Cargo Cycles

Arne Behrendsen, VCD, Results and lessons learned from the project "Lasten auf die Rader"

Willem Jan Snel, Mecanoo, Forward to basics


Gary Armstrong, ECLF, CycleLogistics Ahead and the European Cycle Logistics Federation

Herman Gelissen/Angela Marlet, The Dutch Cycling Embassy

Angela van der Kloof and Simon Fessard, Mobycon, E-cargo bikes, sustainable transport and clean cities

Anita Dirix Projectmanagement, Cargobike parking

Jorrit Kreek, Urban Arrow, Cargo bikes? Yes!

Bill Liou, GWA Energy, Solutions for E-Cargo Bike Sharing

Johan Erlandsson, The iterative development of the Velove Armadillo Cargo Bike

Vincent Meerschaert, Traject, CycleLogistics Ahead, its aims and objectives